Friday, November 2, 2012

Why Is MSMBC Relevant
Turn on MSMBC for just a few minutes and it is obvious who they support.  In fact you don’t even need to turn them on.  Just look at who host their shows; a collection of the most liberal talk radio host or former Democrat staffers.  Even their token conservative is, by conservative standards, liberal.  Why are they relevant in the “objective” world of news media? They are relevant because they are more a true representation of the underlying tilt of the media towards liberal ideology.  MSNBC has just been honest enough to stop pretending.  They are a true representation of the Democratic Party.  Inclusive to all thoughts, as long as your thoughts are theirs.  I was a Democrat for many years.  I held onto the party long after the party left me.  My love of this nation and the, what I believe, divinely inspired constitution that laid the foundation for what we know as America led me back to a conservative belief.  I claim no party affiliation.  I am conservative.  It just so happens that the party that best represents my beliefs and the true intentions of the founding fathers is the Republican Party.  If the Democratic Party would wake up and swing back that way, I would gladly look at them seriously again.  Sadly, I do not believe that they will.  Just like MSMBC, the Democratic Party is lost in a visionless tide of empty liberal thought.  Why are they relevant? Because they show us just how empty liberalism is of ideas and hope and the things needed to guide and strengthen this nation.

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