Sunday, November 29, 2015

The President Continues To Betray America

      After the terrorist attacks in Paris, most of the world has realized that the treat being posed by ISIS is real and it is based upon a religious ideology that seeks to destroy everything that is not part of the radical Islamic ideal.  While an entire religion can not be condemned by several groups radical agendas, the Obama assertion that ISIS is not Islam is a betrayal of the safety and security of our country.  
     This has been a common theme of  the President.  His on political ideology has once again put our country in danger.  He continually refuses to lead on this issues, leaving our allies and ourselves in danger.  Even after the efforts of Obama and the extreme left's to degrade the  power and size of our military, America remains the most powerful military power in the world and is fully capable of taking the fight to ISIS and the radical Islamic terrorist groups that would destroy democracy and freedom in the world.  
     Now is the time to act, before ISIS brings the fight to our shores.  There are several demands we as citizens should make.  First, we must secure our border.  This is Obama's ultimate betrayal of America.  He has left our borders wide open for no other reason than he thinks that the mass surge of illegals will change the political landscape in America.  In doing so he has opened the door for ISIS and any other Islamic Terrorist group to  "invade" our country.  Second, we must act against ISIS in a meaningful way.  Does that mean combat troops in strategic areas to confront ISIS; yes.  No one wants war, but if we pledge to to nothing, our enemy will win. Third, we must demand that no more "refugees" from Syria be allowed to come to the United States.   The Most important demand we must make is to rebuild our military.  That statement speaks for itself.
     We must remain strong and engaged against Islamic Terrorism and understand that the world is at a crossroads.  Our President has betrayed us Through his UN-Constitutional actions.  We as a country need to now, more than ever, stand up against the liberal agenda of the President and his cronies and demand that the safety and security of our nation take precedent over liberal agendas.    

Monday, November 12, 2012

Joe Scarbourgh, Please just Shut Up

Are there problems with the Republican Party? The answer is yes.  There are problems, but faux conservatives like Joe Scarbourgh are the last people that should tell the Republican Party how to fix itself.  “Morning Joe” is like every other show on MSNBC, a national broadcast of the democratic talking points.  How can the Democratic Party tell the Republican Party how to be more Republican?  The Answer to the Republican Party isn’t to be less conservative.  Be more constitutionally conservative.
My first advice to the Republican Party will anger a wing of the party that has forgotten that true conservatism has its basis in the Constitution. There are a few steps that will help the Republican Party move forward and become the Party of ideas that people are looking for.

Remove abortion from the national platform.

I have just been marked as a liberal by Rush Limbaugh, but there is a conservative philosophy behind this.  The Constitution specifically gives all powers and duties not spelled out for the federal government to the authority of the state.  That is why Roe Vs. Wade was wrongly decided.  The abortion issue should be put back in the hands of the individual states.  It needs to be understood that in some states it would be legal and in some states it wouldn’t, but it should be decided on the state level by the people.  

Make Gay Marriage a State Issue

Marriage is, by in large, a state issue.  Marriage licenses and divorce are regulated by the state.  Why should Gay marriage be any different?  The same understanding should be expected as with abortion.  In some states gay marriage will be legal and in some it will not.  Still, since the constitution does not present itself as the final authority on this issue this should naturally be deferred to the state.

The founding Fathers Were Not Against Government

The founding fathers were against and over-reaching central government.  They preferred, instead, to have a broad coalition of state governments that was joined by a Federal government that looked out after the shared interest of the states, i.e. defense from foreign aggressors.  State government is better controlled by the people based on their wants and needs.  Again, some states will me more intrusive than others in the everyday life of its citizens, but the extent of that intrusiveness should and would be decided by the people.  

There is much the Republican Party could do to improve.  Getting back to sound, basic constitutional principles are a good place to start.  Republicans, don’t let liberals tell you how to be conservative.   Just go back to the conservative ideas of the constitution.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

America Elects Failure

I love this country for many reasons.  I love our constitution.  Unfortunately, after years of literally dumbing down our country with failing schools and liberal ideologies Democrats (progressives, liberals, call them what you want) have created the uninformed electorate that they have always wanted.  People who elect leaders based on what they can get instead of people who look at this country for what opportunities there are to achieve.    The parasites have elected their President and the rest of us must suffer.  Mitt Romney, sadly, was right about the 47% percent who take no personal responsibility.

What should we do?  I haven't given up on America.  I believe in our Constitution and I believe we will once again rise up and be great.  The uniformed and ignorant half of this nation has elected for four more years of the most pathetic leadership this country has ever known.  Don't give up the fight.  Support voices like mine who call out for freedom and liberty.  We will win again.  We have suffered a setback, but this country is greater than that.  We will survive and the voices of freedom and self responsibility will be heard again.  God bless us and God bless this wonderful nation. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Big October Surprise – Polls

The Democrats have been lacking an agenda or a message the entire Presidential election.  The President most definitely has no real agenda to run on.  The dirty and dishonest campaign character assassination that  the Obama campaign used to try and paint a picture of Mitt Romney was wiped out after the first Presidential debate.  What tactic do the Obama media legions have……skewed polls.  Nightly MSNBC parades polls that have the President well ahead, and hardly mention polls that show that this simply isn’t true.  When the polls the left have fallen in love with are examined, some are tilted as much as +11 toward Democrats.  Even then the president can’t break out a overpowering lead.  

The Question must be asked, why?  The answer is simple……discourage those who would vote against the President with the idea that Obama is so far ahead that their vote does not count.  The problem is that, even with the heavily slanted polls, the President can’t pull far enough ahead to make a case that he has the election locked up.  Yet, there is a push to discourage just enough voters to hopefully swing a the closely contested states the President’s way.  The David Axelrod assertion that the Romney campaign is terrified is almost laughable.  In fact, it is the Obama campaign that is terrified.  Terrified because Americans aren’t falling for the President’s rhetoric this year the way they did four years ago.  Rhetoric with no record is not a strategy for success.  Now, the day before the election is the time to ignore the polls.  Now is the time for action.  Now is the time to vote.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Why Is MSMBC Relevant
Turn on MSMBC for just a few minutes and it is obvious who they support.  In fact you don’t even need to turn them on.  Just look at who host their shows; a collection of the most liberal talk radio host or former Democrat staffers.  Even their token conservative is, by conservative standards, liberal.  Why are they relevant in the “objective” world of news media? They are relevant because they are more a true representation of the underlying tilt of the media towards liberal ideology.  MSNBC has just been honest enough to stop pretending.  They are a true representation of the Democratic Party.  Inclusive to all thoughts, as long as your thoughts are theirs.  I was a Democrat for many years.  I held onto the party long after the party left me.  My love of this nation and the, what I believe, divinely inspired constitution that laid the foundation for what we know as America led me back to a conservative belief.  I claim no party affiliation.  I am conservative.  It just so happens that the party that best represents my beliefs and the true intentions of the founding fathers is the Republican Party.  If the Democratic Party would wake up and swing back that way, I would gladly look at them seriously again.  Sadly, I do not believe that they will.  Just like MSMBC, the Democratic Party is lost in a visionless tide of empty liberal thought.  Why are they relevant? Because they show us just how empty liberalism is of ideas and hope and the things needed to guide and strengthen this nation.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Five More Days - Why Should it Matter

In five days we will elect the President of the United States.  A lot of people do not see the difference between the two political parties and don't really know why it matters.  Here is why.

Four years ago the United States elected the first black President in our countries history.  This does not surprise me.  In fact it made even more clear one of the many reasons I love this great nation.  There is no other country that allows so many to achieve so much with so little required.  That gives me hope for my own little boy, who is the same color as President Obama.  What discourages me is that the opportunity and the reason for it is lost on the President because of his narrow and misguided ideology that is shaped by a world view where America is the cause of the worlds problems rather than the shining beacon that provides the world with a message of hope and freedom. 

I remember when Ronald Reagan spoke about America and how you knew that he was honored to lead this great nation.  President Obama does now show this same enthusiasm.  We need that kind of President.  I see that in Mitt Romney.  I see someone who understands the greatness of this nation and the opportunity that it provides to those that want to succeed.  This election isn't about politic anymore for me.  It is about attitude.

Who do you want, a President who has a proud and positive attitude of our country and who is aware of our exceptionalism or someone who sees America as a cause of a greater problem.  I want a leader who is proud to be the leader of my country, I want Mitt Romney.  From The Conservative Majority we ask that you go vote next Tuesday and lets reclaim our country and proclaim to the world once again that we will always be exceptional.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Ryan Factor, the President Must Put Forth Ideas

The catch phrase of the day for President Obama’s campaign is “the Ryan plan”.  Just the phrase stands in stark contrast to the President and his record.  Why? The word plan denotes ideas and the President is out of ideas.  As one studies the Obama budget…..wait, there is no Obama budget and there hasn’t been in four years.  As one studies the budget passed by the Senate….wait, the Senate hasn’t passed a budget in four years.   If one wishes to examine a budget, one must go to the house and the man that authored that budget is Paul Ryan. 

Does that mean that we have to agree with every point of Ryan’s budget?  No.  There isn’t any plan or bill that passes through any house of Congress that everyone will agree on.  Congress is a place where ideas are formed and molded into what is needed to maintain and grow the greatness of this nation.  It isn’t always the case, but hopefully good ideas are embraced and bad ideas are rejected.  For a President or a house of Congress to neglect the obligation they hold to put forth ideas is one of the great tragedies of modern politics.  Harry Reid and President Obama need to learn from Paul Ryan.  Stand true to your convictions, and put your ideas out there so that your party can make a stand for or against them and then be held accountable for the ideas they embrace.  Have the courage of your convictions.