Thursday, November 1, 2012

Five More Days - Why Should it Matter

In five days we will elect the President of the United States.  A lot of people do not see the difference between the two political parties and don't really know why it matters.  Here is why.

Four years ago the United States elected the first black President in our countries history.  This does not surprise me.  In fact it made even more clear one of the many reasons I love this great nation.  There is no other country that allows so many to achieve so much with so little required.  That gives me hope for my own little boy, who is the same color as President Obama.  What discourages me is that the opportunity and the reason for it is lost on the President because of his narrow and misguided ideology that is shaped by a world view where America is the cause of the worlds problems rather than the shining beacon that provides the world with a message of hope and freedom. 

I remember when Ronald Reagan spoke about America and how you knew that he was honored to lead this great nation.  President Obama does now show this same enthusiasm.  We need that kind of President.  I see that in Mitt Romney.  I see someone who understands the greatness of this nation and the opportunity that it provides to those that want to succeed.  This election isn't about politic anymore for me.  It is about attitude.

Who do you want, a President who has a proud and positive attitude of our country and who is aware of our exceptionalism or someone who sees America as a cause of a greater problem.  I want a leader who is proud to be the leader of my country, I want Mitt Romney.  From The Conservative Majority we ask that you go vote next Tuesday and lets reclaim our country and proclaim to the world once again that we will always be exceptional.

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