Monday, November 5, 2012

The Big October Surprise – Polls

The Democrats have been lacking an agenda or a message the entire Presidential election.  The President most definitely has no real agenda to run on.  The dirty and dishonest campaign character assassination that  the Obama campaign used to try and paint a picture of Mitt Romney was wiped out after the first Presidential debate.  What tactic do the Obama media legions have……skewed polls.  Nightly MSNBC parades polls that have the President well ahead, and hardly mention polls that show that this simply isn’t true.  When the polls the left have fallen in love with are examined, some are tilted as much as +11 toward Democrats.  Even then the president can’t break out a overpowering lead.  

The Question must be asked, why?  The answer is simple……discourage those who would vote against the President with the idea that Obama is so far ahead that their vote does not count.  The problem is that, even with the heavily slanted polls, the President can’t pull far enough ahead to make a case that he has the election locked up.  Yet, there is a push to discourage just enough voters to hopefully swing a the closely contested states the President’s way.  The David Axelrod assertion that the Romney campaign is terrified is almost laughable.  In fact, it is the Obama campaign that is terrified.  Terrified because Americans aren’t falling for the President’s rhetoric this year the way they did four years ago.  Rhetoric with no record is not a strategy for success.  Now, the day before the election is the time to ignore the polls.  Now is the time for action.  Now is the time to vote.

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