Sunday, November 29, 2015

The President Continues To Betray America

      After the terrorist attacks in Paris, most of the world has realized that the treat being posed by ISIS is real and it is based upon a religious ideology that seeks to destroy everything that is not part of the radical Islamic ideal.  While an entire religion can not be condemned by several groups radical agendas, the Obama assertion that ISIS is not Islam is a betrayal of the safety and security of our country.  
     This has been a common theme of  the President.  His on political ideology has once again put our country in danger.  He continually refuses to lead on this issues, leaving our allies and ourselves in danger.  Even after the efforts of Obama and the extreme left's to degrade the  power and size of our military, America remains the most powerful military power in the world and is fully capable of taking the fight to ISIS and the radical Islamic terrorist groups that would destroy democracy and freedom in the world.  
     Now is the time to act, before ISIS brings the fight to our shores.  There are several demands we as citizens should make.  First, we must secure our border.  This is Obama's ultimate betrayal of America.  He has left our borders wide open for no other reason than he thinks that the mass surge of illegals will change the political landscape in America.  In doing so he has opened the door for ISIS and any other Islamic Terrorist group to  "invade" our country.  Second, we must act against ISIS in a meaningful way.  Does that mean combat troops in strategic areas to confront ISIS; yes.  No one wants war, but if we pledge to to nothing, our enemy will win. Third, we must demand that no more "refugees" from Syria be allowed to come to the United States.   The Most important demand we must make is to rebuild our military.  That statement speaks for itself.
     We must remain strong and engaged against Islamic Terrorism and understand that the world is at a crossroads.  Our President has betrayed us Through his UN-Constitutional actions.  We as a country need to now, more than ever, stand up against the liberal agenda of the President and his cronies and demand that the safety and security of our nation take precedent over liberal agendas.