Wednesday, November 7, 2012

America Elects Failure

I love this country for many reasons.  I love our constitution.  Unfortunately, after years of literally dumbing down our country with failing schools and liberal ideologies Democrats (progressives, liberals, call them what you want) have created the uninformed electorate that they have always wanted.  People who elect leaders based on what they can get instead of people who look at this country for what opportunities there are to achieve.    The parasites have elected their President and the rest of us must suffer.  Mitt Romney, sadly, was right about the 47% percent who take no personal responsibility.

What should we do?  I haven't given up on America.  I believe in our Constitution and I believe we will once again rise up and be great.  The uniformed and ignorant half of this nation has elected for four more years of the most pathetic leadership this country has ever known.  Don't give up the fight.  Support voices like mine who call out for freedom and liberty.  We will win again.  We have suffered a setback, but this country is greater than that.  We will survive and the voices of freedom and self responsibility will be heard again.  God bless us and God bless this wonderful nation. 

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