Monday, November 12, 2012

Joe Scarbourgh, Please just Shut Up

Are there problems with the Republican Party? The answer is yes.  There are problems, but faux conservatives like Joe Scarbourgh are the last people that should tell the Republican Party how to fix itself.  “Morning Joe” is like every other show on MSNBC, a national broadcast of the democratic talking points.  How can the Democratic Party tell the Republican Party how to be more Republican?  The Answer to the Republican Party isn’t to be less conservative.  Be more constitutionally conservative.
My first advice to the Republican Party will anger a wing of the party that has forgotten that true conservatism has its basis in the Constitution. There are a few steps that will help the Republican Party move forward and become the Party of ideas that people are looking for.

Remove abortion from the national platform.

I have just been marked as a liberal by Rush Limbaugh, but there is a conservative philosophy behind this.  The Constitution specifically gives all powers and duties not spelled out for the federal government to the authority of the state.  That is why Roe Vs. Wade was wrongly decided.  The abortion issue should be put back in the hands of the individual states.  It needs to be understood that in some states it would be legal and in some states it wouldn’t, but it should be decided on the state level by the people.  

Make Gay Marriage a State Issue

Marriage is, by in large, a state issue.  Marriage licenses and divorce are regulated by the state.  Why should Gay marriage be any different?  The same understanding should be expected as with abortion.  In some states gay marriage will be legal and in some it will not.  Still, since the constitution does not present itself as the final authority on this issue this should naturally be deferred to the state.

The founding Fathers Were Not Against Government

The founding fathers were against and over-reaching central government.  They preferred, instead, to have a broad coalition of state governments that was joined by a Federal government that looked out after the shared interest of the states, i.e. defense from foreign aggressors.  State government is better controlled by the people based on their wants and needs.  Again, some states will me more intrusive than others in the everyday life of its citizens, but the extent of that intrusiveness should and would be decided by the people.  

There is much the Republican Party could do to improve.  Getting back to sound, basic constitutional principles are a good place to start.  Republicans, don’t let liberals tell you how to be conservative.   Just go back to the conservative ideas of the constitution.


  1. Federal government is to protect all our rights, so must be responsible on a broader level to protect them. Abortion, gun rights and marriage are broader civil issues and rightfully dealt with at the federal level.

  2. I'm a big fan of Rush and never heard him demand that abortion be partof the party platform. I agree that abortion and sodomite "marriage," are state issues. However,the wrongly decided Roe v. Wade mandated its legality. Sodomite "marriage" passed in one state may have to be recognized by others. THe biggest problem with this is that, as in NY, where Bloomberg's money got it passed by the legislature without a vote of the people, the people may often not get to choose on this---and as with the 9th circus, judges with special interests may overturn a supermajority of voters on the issue.

  3. I'm new to this site and so far I like what I see. I'm a staunch conservative and I believe in conservative principles. I'm also starting to believe that the ONLY way to solve this constant bickering in Congress is to sever the ties permanently with the liberals. Split the country into two... let them have whichever half they want... and we'll have the other half. I think if we have to move, so be it. Let the 47% have their half of the country, with no migrating back and forth, and let them see if they can make it on their own. Because the way I see it now, we're supporting them.

    Any thoughts on this subject???

  4. Passing the gay marriage and abortion issues to the state level will ensure their passing. Conservatives, to include myself, do not want them passed. If pushing these issues to the state level is the conservative majoritie's plan, they have received their last donation from me.

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