Monday, March 1, 2010

How Can The Government Actually Stimulate The Economy? by: Brent Ryan

People make the right decisions far more often than the government ever has, does, or will. I think that the best form of government is one that encourages, facilitate, and empower the individual citizen to make their own individual choices on how to live their lives. I feel that this translates to the government trying its best to get out of the way much more often than 'providing' anything. I think that maybe the government should abolish the tax code as it is completely; And, maybe institute the "Fair Tax Act" as it is currently written.

The government should repeal and abolish all laws which restrict accumulation of precious metals; As well as, all laws which formed the Federal Reserve Bank. The Federal Reserve's mandate is to protect the U.S. economy and the U.S. Dollar and they have continually failed ever since it was created a century ago. The abolishment of the old tax code effectively abolishes the I.R.S. by default as the "Fair Tax Act" is essentially an interstate, and international, sales tax.

As Congress passes all of these acts the national economy will experience an unpresidented boon that will exceed all expectations. Charities will once again become a vital part of helping those in need. I think that all states should privatize their government schools and instead turn to a system of vouchers to insure all citizens receive a basic education; And, to encourage and promote this, I think Congress should shift all education money to a school voucher system similar to what President George W. Bush created. The system has already proven a great success, despite President Obama's halting of federal funding.

I feel that the best thing the government can do is to get out of the way of the private citizen, and small businesses. The Private Citizen, and small businesses are what have continued to give this country the greatest economy in recorded history, even as the National Socialist Party, otherwise known as the Democrat Party, threatens it with actions that increasingly has the Government get in the way of growth and prosperity. Every country that has gone down the path I have advocated has experienced unparalleled success; And, every country that has tried socialism has failed with universal misery.

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  1. The government can only stimulate the economy in the short term. When they spend money to, for example, build a bridge, the contractors will receive economic stimulus. However once the project is over, the stimulus is also over. Long term economic stimulus comes from the private sector creating services and products that will be continually used by the consumers.


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