Sunday, August 2, 2009

What Did We Learn From the "Beer Summit"?

As the whole world has now heard, President Obama had Henry Louis Gates and Sgt. James Crowley over to the White House Thursday for the now infamous "Beer Summit".  What did we learn from this summit.  Was it a "teachable moment" on race relations in this country?  Yes, if you didn't already know how quickly Obama will pull the race card from his deck.  Was it a commentary on the conduct of police officer? No. What we learned was what happens when a President, who is not exceptionally bright, goes off script from what the tel-prompter tells him to say.  What we learned was what happens when a President, who has no real ideas on an issue, wants to distract people from his failure.

There were a hundred things that Obama could have done Thursday beside knocking back a cold one with Gates and Crowley.  Things like working on real ideas to help the economy and real ideas to work on health care, but Obama has no real ideas.  That led him to go back into the Democrat playbook, like he has done with every failed policy he has proposed, and pull an oldie but goody from the pages.  When in doubt, stir up a hornets nest by fanning the race issue debate even in an incident that has nothing to do with race.  The arrest of Gates was the gift that was laid at the feet of Obama and the media used it to cover the fact that the President is losing the debate on health care.

So Mr. President, we hoped you enjoyed your beer and the great press you received from the media that is so much in your hip pocket.  Now, will you please get to work trying to provide real answers for the issues that face this country instead of trying to destroy our economy and way of life with your socialist agenda.  Mind the business of being President instead of butting into things that are of no concern to you.  If you want a "teachable moment" read a book on basic, fundamental economics and at least act like you are the intellectual that you have fooled the "dumb masses" into believing that you are.

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