Monday, August 10, 2009

Note to Obama, Please, Please Have Them Hit Back Here.

 This is the opinion of an angry conservative that The Conservative Majority proudly supports.
The President and the and the Democratic leadership have asked the "dumb masses" to hit back twice as hard at those of us that oppose the government take over of the medical system.  The only reply from "The Conservative Majority" is "bring it own".  I say that mainly because I am tired of the Chicago thug politics out of the White House.  The only reason such a declaration has been necessary is because honest, hardworking Americans are seeing through the BS being spewed out by this President and Democratic leadership and we do not want the bill of goods you are selling.  I am fully prepared to defend my position here and hope that the masses of people who have already spoken out are willing to do the same.  No, we are not being placed at the town hall meetings and tea parties by special interests; we are going as a result of our own interest and the interest of this great country.  I have defended her proudly on many fronts and often times at my own sacrifice and, damn it, I will defend her against this.  This is still my America, the bright shining city on a hill that President Reagan gave us such a brilliant vision of and by God I dare you, President Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, or any of the rest of you to try and take her away.  Stand up Conservatives, Republicans, and Libertarians and get into the fight.


  1. i feel that Obama is a weak leader and many issues creeping up in his tenure is definitely going to end his political career soon.

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