Sunday, July 26, 2009

What This Conservative Believes

This post is in response to several  liberal blogs I have read who interject what they think conservatives believe in their post.  As a conservative let me tell you what I believe.
As a conservative (and let us be honest it is not right/left, it is conservative and liberal) I believe the following.
  • I believe in the Constitution.
  • I believe that everyone, no matter what their ethnic or religious background, has the ability to achieve and that America provides the greatest opportunity to achieve of any nation in history.
  • I believe the individual is responsible for the consequences and rewards of their own actions and decisions.
  • I believe that the United States, based on the writings of our founding fathers and their ideas and vision of this republic, was created as a fundamentally Christian nation without respect to a particular sect or denomination of an established Christian movement. In other words the ideals of America ,as found in our founding documents, had their basis in Christian thought held common by all various institutions of Christian belief.
  • I believe that all people, without regard to racial or religious backgrounds, are guarantied the rights and liberties as established in the Constitution and it is the responsibility of our government to uphold these rights for everyone.
  • I believe that people, when presented the opportunity to succeed without encumbrances from outside forces that benefit from oppression, have a desire to achieve and are capable of greatness 
  •  I believe the the framers of the Constitution set forth a set of positive liberties and the Constitution promotes those liberties as a means of obstruction to limit the powers of an invasive government. 
Those are the tenets of my conservative thought and they have served me well. My opposition to liberalism is the desire on the part of liberals to interject socialist ideals into the Constitution which, in effect, destroys the very framework of this republic and destroys the grand vision that our founding fathers had for the United States.

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