Saturday, July 25, 2009

America Beginning to Give Obama the Cold Shoulder

For the first time in his Presidency Barack Obama has seen his overall approval rating drop below 50% according to Rasmussen's daily Presidential tracking poll.  This after a long week where the President has tried to ram a health care reform bill through congress that would cripple the already weak economy with bloated spending and increased deficits.  As the promises that Barack Obama made during his Presidential campaign continue to fail to live up to his claims, the American people are opening their eyes to his failure.  The majority of Americans do not want to go in the direction Obama does.  Americans did not want socialist medicine in 1994 and they do not want it not.  The people around Obama see the growing tide of political opinion are turning from him, thus the rush to push health care reform before the people learn too much about what is really in there.  Why the rush?  Because health care reform as Obama wants is intended to do one thing, drive private insurance companies out of business leaving socialized health care as the only option.  All of this is being done at the same time the time the administration is trying to make us believe that they want a "choice".  After we have already seen a multi-billion dollar stimulus plan that has set back our economic recovery, the American people are not buying what Obama is selling.  Here are some results from Rasmussen.

Americans view of the way Obama is performing his role as President
30% strongly approve
38% strongly disapprove

Believe the stimulus package has helped the economy
25% yes

Approval among likely voters
49% approve
51% disapprove

83% approve

80% disapprove

Obama is still popular with the most liberal side of the Democratic party, but the American people are not there.  Recent polls show that Americans still to lean conservative in their political views. The weariness in the Obama policy is beginning to reflect in congressional races.  Sen. Barbara Boxer of California, who has been re-elected by large margins in the past, has only a 4% lead over her challanger, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina.

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