Thursday, November 5, 2009

How Big Does A Health Care Have to be In Order to be Big Enough

The new House health care bill is now in the neighborhood of 1990 pages.  The most important question for Nancy Pelosi and the house Democrats is how big must this beast be in order to be big enough.  The projected cost of this bill is $894 billion dollars over the past ten years.  The red tape and bureaucracy of past bill is still here.  One might wonder to whom members of the house were listening to during the heated town hall meetings this past summer.  The true danger of this bill is the same as in the past, the need to raise taxes in order to pay for this bill as it kills competition that controls cost in an open market place.

In the end many house members will again vote on a bill that they do not read because of the sheer size of the bill.  Hidden in the fine print are the true evils of a bill that will eventually turn the American medical system from one of the premier systems in the world to a sub par system that takes the control of medical care away from doctors and individuals and puts it in the hands of bureaucrats.  One can only hope there are enough representatives in congress that will vote against this monster and send it where it really deserves to be, in the trash can.

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