Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Who Will Be the Next Reagan?

As I look at the current presidential administration I find myself asking, Who will be the next Ronald Reagan. The Obama administration looks more and more like the Carter administration as they demonstrate one incompetent decision after another. The most depressing thought that I have is the The Senate democratic leadership and the house under the control on Nancy Pelosi, the most intellectually challenged member of congress, is equally incompetent. The political environment in America is ripe for another Ronald Reagan.

Reagan was a man that had the courage of his convictions and could communicate an inspired view of America that made us feel good about who we are. Ronald Reagan was a true leader. We need that kind of leader again. Barack Obama is no leader because true leaders recognize the greatness of America and what she is capable of when the citizenry is allowed the opportunity to achieve. Obama is no Reagan. The Republican party would benefit from recapturing the ideals and vision of Reagan. Conservatism works each and every time that it is tried. Who will be the next Reagan? Who will declare by their leadership that it is morning in America Again?

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