Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Maybe Rush Was Right

Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh made waves earlier this year by saying that he wished Barack Obama would fail. The point was that he wanted the policies of the President to fail because his policies would do tremendous harm to this country.  Seven months into this Presidency, we see that maybe Rush was right.  Look at what he has done so far.  Obama has engineered the bankruptcy of two of the three big car companies leaving one in the majority control of the auto workers union and the other under the control of the federal Government.  He has pushed through the largest pork bill in American history under the guise of a stimulus plan.  He has disgraced America around the world by apologizing for things that we need not apologize for.  He is trying to force a vote on the most a health care bill that will destroy the health care industry in this country.  There is no end to this man's liberal ambition.  He is pushing an agenda and it doesn't matter how many jobs are lost or who loses their home.  That will not affect Obama.  Yes Rush, I do hope he fails, for freedom's sake, for Americas sake, for my young son's sake.  If the America that our children grow up in is to look like our parents America instead of the old Soviet Union; if we want America to succeed we should all want Obama to fail.

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