Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Conversations with My Son

The more I see and hear from our current leadership in Washington and how it plays out with people I meet as I travel around the Southeast, the more I see that people long for real leadership.  I look at my four year old son and I wonder who will be the leader of this great nation that inspires him to dream great dreams and challenges him to do great things.   Who will be the leader that has a grand vision for the United States and instills the pride of citizenship in the general populace?

I grew up during the Presidency of Ronald Reagan.  Unlike now, when I was growing up there was no cable TV in our home, so when the President spoke, we really had no choice but to hear because he was on all three channels.  When I heard President Reagan, the vision of America that he so proudly communicated spoke to me.  It would have been easy for that little boy who grew up in poverty in rural South Carolina to become trapped in a poverty cycle, but the great things that President Reagan communicated would not allow that.  Reagan was not only a great communicator, be he communicated greatness.  His vision of the shining city on a hill filled me with desire to experience what that city had to offer.  His words inspired me to be one of the lights in that great city.

My son does not have the benefit of hearing a President communicate that vision of greatness because we don't have that kind of President.  We have a President that seems determined to make America pay for the wrongs that he feels her responsible for.  Barack Obama is not capable of the greater vision that, when shared by great men like Reagan, inspires men and women to fall love with the ideals of America, to become bigger than themselves and bigger than their surrounding by seeking greatness in all that they do.  Barack Obama does not inspire pride and accomplishment.  In fact he has shown that he has a propensity to steer people away from these things.

When I have conversations with my young son, I try to pass on to him the same feelings about this country that Ronald Reagan instilled in me.  On this page you will find the Reagan farewell address.  Listen to it.  Be inspired by the words of the great communicator that still ring as true as they ever have.  Fathers, have those conversations with your sons that instill the greatness of America in their character.  There will never be another "Great Communicator", but there can always be those who communicate greatness.

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