Sunday, July 19, 2009

"Centrist" Republicans Will Cave on Sotomayor.

Take note of these names, Senator Richard Lugar (Indiana), Senator Mel Martinez (Florida), and Senator Olympia Snow (Maine).  These three Republican Senators are set to cave in to political pressure, or there own liberal leanings, and vote to confirm Sonia Sotomayor as the 111th Associate Justice to the Supreme Court. I know there is political pressure to confirm Sotomayor because she is a woman and Hispanic, but do those things matter.  I say that because of this fact that no one has had the common sense to address.  The Constitution is a fixed document.  Before a liberal dies of shock yelling at the computer screen "it is not, we can amend it", I know that. The Congress and the states can institute the amendment process.  Once an amendment is ratified, the Constitution is again a fixed document.  As far as the Supreme Court is concerned, the Constitution is fixed. The opinions of an Associate Justice, their life experience, gender, ethnic background, or religious beliefs should be immaterial in the confirmation process.  What matters is their view of the Constitution as it concerns the intent of the framers and the subsequent amendments.  A white man or a Hispanic woman should come to the same decision if they are strictly abiding by the Constitution and not trying to legislate from the bench.  The Republicans need to do two things.  One, they need to fight the liberal agenda being pushed by Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi.  Two, they need to eliminate from there ranks the spineless "moderate" wing of the party.  The shot was fired across the conservative bow by Obama with this nomination.  If there was any doubt that he is a liberal, now there should be no doubt.  Republicans, a note for your future, the only reason that there is any bi-partisanship in Washington right now is so that you can share in the Democrat humiliation once their liberal, socialist policies destroy our economy and eventually bring upon our leaders the wrath of the people at the voting booth.  Republicans, distance yourselves now and fight this agenda.


  1. Sotomayor will be confirmed. Ge over it. She is replacing a center left justice who is retiring so the change on the court is a wash. All the GOP is trying to do is activate their base.

    If one of the conservative justices retires in the next 3.5 years, a real fight will s art because it will threaten the 5-4 conservative majority. You post is 'much ado about nothing.'

  2. You are absolutely wrong. She is replacing a an almost far left justice who had the distinction of being appointed by a center right Republican President. The responsibilities of the Supreme Court and how they affect our Constitutional liberties is much ado about everything. This Justice is far to the left of who she will replace, and her incompetence as judge is reflected in the fact that she is one of the most overturned judges on the federal bench. I wonder if she, the "Constitutional law professor" who has appointed her, or any other Democrat in Washington has even bothered reading the Constitution.

  3. Check Intrade. Sixty five per cent of Intraders expect her to get 75 votes. You are misinformed about Sotomayor's judicial record. She has been overturned by the Supremes less than her peers.

    She also got the ABA highest rating. Where do you get your information--Rush? He isn't a journalist and doesn't have a degree.

    BTW the term 'conservative majority is a misnomer. You are the minority.

  4. Why do some of these commenters believe that there should be a 5-4 balance of people who support the Constitution and those who find it irrelevant? That is idiotic. Sadly, even some Republicans are caught up in that nonsense. Is it too much to ask to have nine justices who actually know their role, respect the U.S. Constitution, and aren't knowingly lying when they take their oath of office? This part of the reason the GOP does not know how to govern--they are willing to concede half the judiciary to those who reject our laws and traditions.

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